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Norval fishing charters


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0413 148 554

What we supply

Fishing charters queensland Gladstone and AirlieAll meals (see menu for details - all day trips are the same). Also we provide:
    •    Fresh fruit daily
    •    Muffins
    •    Cake
    •    Nibbles/Lollies
    •    Soft Drinks
    •    Water
    •    Tea
    •    Coffee
    •    milk
    •    Beer     Please note: We do have a behaviour policy - for the enjoyment and safety of all on board, if the crew feel that someone is intoxicated and/or out of control, he shall inform the team leader who will then be responsible to take the appropriate action.

Note: Any special requirements need to be pre-arranged at least 1 week in advance (e.g. vegetarian, diabetic birthday cakes etc.)


Remember - eat well, fish well and enjoy your holiday!


Eat what you catch! Norval Great Barrier ReefFor your comfort and relaxation the following are provided in the cost:
    ◦    Fresh Linen & Towels
    ◦    Movies and DVDs for your entertainment
    ◦    Rods & Reels (pen 24/kg rods 950 pen reels)
    ◦    Start Up Bait, then we cut up live bait

Note: Any special bait, such as ribbon fish or prawn, Tunaoil, Long Toms etc, can be arranged at an extra cost and is subject to availability


Big fish catch sea angling NorvalWhat you need to bring

    •    Old Clothes
    •    Personal Toiletries
    •    Good Footwear
    •    Hat
    •    Sun Glasses
    •    Personal Bait Knife
Everything else is provided!



Reef Tax & Fuel Levy is included on all Trips as is 4 diffrent types of beer xxxx , great northen , tooies , new calton mid , foam exkies  ,start up bait , fresh ice for drinks , coke and solo .
All the above ads up to 400 $ in extra value
4 day trips - $ 1520

per person  [including free beer ] leaving  friday night returning  10 am tuesday morning

5 day trips - $1900

per person [including free beer] leaving friday night returning 10 am wensday morning

7 day trips - $ 3000

per person (including free beer) Leaving  4pm Friday returning 10 am the following Friday 
9 day trip  -$ 3510 per person (including free beer) 9 days leaving 4 pm  returning 10 am sunday

Both our 7 and 9 charters get the use of our 6 meter south wind to explor the reef or pull lures it is lisened for 6 . our polly is licened with 4


Anything you catch is filleted and frozen to 30º below.  For transport we can arrange foam eskies and dry ice at an extra charge.