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Norval fishing charters


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Hey Dad, get some bonding time with your son in the school holidays on our 3-day Father & Son Trip. Fishing, crabbing, snorkelling, cricket on the beach – it’s all part of the fun. And tell Mum: Don’t worry – we stay in closed water and land is always in sight.


Our 3-Day Father & Son Fishing Trip is a brilliant opportunity for fathers and sons to bond over a fishing adventure. Enjoy fishing, crabbing and swimming by Conway Beach – always in closed water and in full sight of land.

Start each day by taking out the tender, heading up the river and baiting and setting the crab pots. Then trawl and flick for barra on the way back to the Norval for a hearty breakfast.
Next, try your hand at some bottom bashing off the main boat, followed by trawling for the big ones in the quiet of the afternoon. We also visit White Haven Beach for a swim and a game of cricket – it’s up to you!

As the day draws to a close, retrieve big juicy crabs from the pots and bring them back for the chef to cook up while you relax with a cold drink, watch the sunset and re-live the highlights of the day.

These are memories you and your son will treasure forever! 


Departs from Airlie Beach Friday 6pm and returns Monday 6pm.  
(Father & Son Trips can also be tailored to start and finish on days that suit you.)
Price per person is for full capacity (5 adults and 5 kids ); ask us to quote for smaller groups. If you  want to join a group call Ron and he will register you to a date. Pay your deposit then others can join also , if the capacity does no get reached all moneys will be refunded or transferred to a later date (On all trips we strongly recommend travel insurance). The itinerary can change depending on weather.

Kids are HALF PRICE!