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Fishing in virtually untouched waters – that’s what you’ll get with our 9-day fishing charter to the outer reefs in the greater Coral Sea. The MV Norval has obtained permission from Fisheries and Maritime Safety Qld to access these amazing reefs, fishing where other charters can only dream of. For example, reefs like the Marion Group (designated as a marine park) are hardly ever fished due to the distance and permit required. We also fish the Kenn, Wreck, Fredric and Cato reefs, and more. Our permit allows us to fish all the reefs in the 200 mile perimeter and beyond.

Our vessel has been purpose-built for long distance charters, with long-range fuel tanks. We also make our own water, have an 8-tonne freezer for food and catch 2 big generators and the latest navigation equipment.

Our 9-day charter departs on Friday at 6pm (or a time that meets up with flights) from Shute Harbour, Airlie Beach or mckay .


On the Friday night of departure, you will be served a light meal and invited to partake in a enjoyable cold beer (canned beer is free on all Norval charters). We’ll arrive at the first reef by 10pm, and then anchor in a lagoon. You can then fish through the night, chasing bottom fish like red emperor and sweetlip or put out a livie for a GT. It’s also an opportunity to get to know other passengers, swapping stories with a coldie (each year the same fish gets bigger!)


On the Saturday we’ll fish and steam through the whitsundays outer reef up to the hydrographic channel. Then we’ll travel to Marion during the night while you sleep, arriving early in the morning. Upon arrival we’ll put the lures out, and your Marion adventure will start as we troll until 8am while you have breakfast., our polly dorie and the 6 meter south wind are towed to our desternation the ,  all safety gear and fish finders are fitted to our polly dorie and south wind both carry 150L eskies for your catch and drinks. After lunch you have the choice to use the south wind for pelargics or throw soft plactic evan go diving around the reef till 5 pm. Then we’ll anchor up for the evening meal and a night fish while the crew processes the day’s catch, freezing it to -25°C.


On Monday the early risers will have a light breakfast at 5am before we pull anchor and start trolling until 8am. At 8am the cook will serve a hearty breakfast, and we’ll repeat yesterday’s fishing. The reef is 24 miles long and 16 miles wide, with two cays and a long breaker reef called Long Reef. This reef has some incredible gutters and run-offs, and the snorkelling is incredible, with visibility up to 40m.

All the reef fish available on the Swains are caught here, but in larger sizes. This area is also home to ocean bream, clownfish, and more coronation trout than the Swains. Large top feeders prowl the outside of the reef, including mackerel, wahoo, dogtooth tuna and sailfish. There’s also a variety of deep feeders in the 100m drop-offs, including big reds, jobfish, long-nose emperor and more.

DAYS 4-7

From Tuesday to Friday you’ll experience more amazing fishing at Marion Reef. We voluntarily raise the size limit for bottom fish, otherwise we’d bag out in no time! We also catch and release most big top feeders, keeping mainly mackerel and tuna. We leave Marion on Friday evening and travel through the night to the outer whitsundays reef


On Saturday we’ll reach outer whitsundays reef around mid-morning or early afternoon. You’ll fish outer whitsundays reefas we travel towards Shute Harbour.Or mckay


On Sunday you will disinbark at a time that suits flights with your catch packed in foam eskies

Our trip cost 4300.00 $ per day boat divided by number of passengers mulitplied by number of trip days

 If you are a singal or small group ask to go on stand by




Does this sound amazing? It is! No other charter operator can offer this experience with these costings including free beer.  It’s an adventure you’ll talk about for the rest of your life!